Family Garden, Beckenham

Beckenham Garden Design by Nina Baxter

Family Garden, Beckenham The Design Brief To rework the existing, slightly tired garden to bring it up to date, creating a more generous terrace that flows from the house while bringing into use other areas of the garden, including a space for a garden room with rear seating area.  The house faces directly south so […]

Family Garden, Bickley

Bickley Garden Design by Nina Baxter

Family Garden, Bickley The Design Brief Following a complete renovation of the house, we were asked to create a more cohesive garden space with areas for entertaining, relaxing and playing, with a clear journey between them and a beautiful aspect with a nod to the Arts and Crafts style of the house. Planting to attract […]

Formal Front Garden, Beckenham

Beckenham Front Garden Design by Nina Baxter

Formal Front Garden, Beckenham The Design Brief To give the traditional red-brick Victorian house more curb appeal, with space for parking as well as paths leading to the front and rear of the house. Useable parking space needed to be increased without detracting from the look of the garden. The Challenge A very tired space […]

Rill Garden, Chislehurst

Rill Garden, Chislehurst The Design Brief A traditional, Arts and Crafts style garden to include a rill water feature to harmonise with existing garden elements and the style of the house. The client wanted a relaxing and immersive water feature to enjoy in the garden while also providing views from the house. The Challenge The […]

Italianate Front Garden, Kent

Italianate Front Garden, Kent The Design Brief An Italianate-styled space, grand yet welcoming, with abundant planting and a profusion of colour, creating more structure and year-round interest to the front of the property. The Challenge An existing pathway of crazy paving, lined by overgrown lavenders and dated planting with lack of colour, was in poor […]

Urban Courtyard Garden, South London

Urban Courtyard Garden, South London The Design Brief To create a secluded sanctuary for the family to spend time in eating, relaxing, working and entertaining. A garden space that works in harmony with the style and age of the house, while being a little more up-to-date and contemporary. The Challenge The house sits on a […]

Parterre Garden, Chislehurst

Parterre Garden, Chislehurst The Design Brief A traditional space that complements the house and its surroundings, is a joy to come home to every day, and feels as if it has always been there. The Challenge The house is tucked at the end of a narrow lane that also serves as an access road for […]

Small Courtyard Garden, Beckenham

Small Courtyard Garden, Beckenham The Design Brief A formal yet relaxed space with an area for entertainment featuring permanent seating and a source of heat. The main impetus for the design was to reduce the sense of being overlooked by creating more structure and interest for the eye to alight upon within the garden itself. The […]

Contemporary Family Garden, Chislehurst

Contemporary Family Garden, Chislehurst The Design Brief A clean and contemporary design to allow the space to flow smoothly from the new kitchen/living room extension, to feature a cascading water feature down the slope of the garden and the removal of a large pond to create more room for entertaining. The Challenge A steeply sloping […]

Arts & Crafts Garden, Bickley

Arts & Crafts Garden, Bickley The Design Brief An Arts & Crafts inspired space with a real sense of permanence and seclusion to harmonise with the 1920s house, which can be used as a family garden for relaxing, eating, playing and entertaining. The Challenge The house once stood on a far larger plot but encroaching […]