Rill Garden, Chislehurst

The Design Brief

A traditional, Arts and Crafts style garden to include a rill water feature to harmonise with existing garden elements and the style of the house. The client wanted a relaxing and immersive water feature to enjoy in the garden while also providing views from the house.

The Challenge

The plot was part of a larger garden; wide but shallow and with existing sets of steps leading up from a lower, landscaped garden terrace. A slight slope from side to side provided challenges for the water rill while existing mature features, such as a large Eucalyptus, needed to be incorporated. A shady rear border required replanting to provide more year-round interest.

The Design Solution

The existing lawn and central planting beds were removed and the site levelled. Three separated pools were constructed, built to appear as one long water rill with a flow from one side of the garden to the other. A central lily pond draws the focus and ‘bridges’ cross the water at various points, creating journeys around the feature. Low mounded planting beds of roses and evergreen domes line the pools and complement the water planting while the lush, shady planting of the long rear border acts as a green backdrop.