“We asked Nina to completely redesign our back garden to make it feel more contemporary and work better with our new extension. After a really thorough briefing in which all our concerns and tastes were really closely listened to Nina came back with designs that were visually spot on and really carefully considered in terms of materials and planting. We went with her plans straight away and she managed to push the work through swiftly with a landscape gardening team she works with regularly on project. Our garden was ready in time for our summer deadline and looks beautiful. Overall we have been so impressed with her attention to detail and commitment to making our garden the best it can be in the long term. There’s no way we could have done it without her!”


“If you want a great garden, just call Nina, no hesitation. My advice is to follow her designs and vision from start to finish and you will love your garden. She can manage the whole project too, so you don’t have to deal with the nitty gritty of organising deliveries, hard landscaping contractors and lighting. My garden feels bigger and the link between the garden and house just makes my whole home feel bigger and lighter, too. I love watching it change as the seasons pass; there’s always something new popping up. Simply, my garden just makes me smile.”


“We asked Nina to help redesign / refresh our garden, having seen her work in a friend’s garden. Right from the beginning, she seemed to understand what we were aiming for, without us being able to articulate it very well, and came up with some very interesting ideas. We have been so pleased with the results, as she suggested ideas and designs that we would never have thought of, whilst keeping the main underlying structure of the original garden. We didn’t want a completely finished, ready-made garden (although she can do that too), because we wanted to do a lot of the planting ourselves, as our hobby, and we have really enjoyed working with her as it all started to come together. We now have an interesting, useful and useable garden that gives us immense pleasure. Nina has been practical, cheerful and enthusiastic throughout, and we would highly recommend her.”


“Just to say the garden is looking fabulous, exceeds our expectations and is admired by all who see. People ask where we hid this space and cannot believe what you achieved here. Thank you so much.”


“Nina designed both the front and back garden for our house and we were very pleased with the results. I have lost track of the number of people who have seen me in my front garden and commented on how lovely it looks and asked who designed it. Apart from having a great eye for design, Nina is really good at listening to what you want from your garden and finding a way to bring it to life. I have now recommended her to friends, neighbours and family members and they have been equally pleased with the work she has done for them.”


“Nina was a joy to work with. She made sure that enough time was given to understand my vision and then transformed my garden into a wonderful space. Nina cares about getting things right and this is mirrored in her professional yet friendly approach.”


“Our engagement of Nina Baxter Garden Design for the design and delivery of our new back garden was a very positive experience. From the beginning, Nina understood and was able to visualize our aspirations for the garden as one cohesive entity rather than the disparate mess we would no doubt have made of it if left to our own devices. The layout, especially the addition of the pergola with some subtle lighting, and splashes of orange render on the existing walls, all worked very well, and her choice of planting was really inspired – lots of things we never heard of have sprouted and added different colours and interest all throughout different times of the year, with very little to no maintenance too (as was one important part of our brief). Despite the hot summer, the planting flourished and grew amazingly well. Following the design process, Nina helped procure the work and manage the Landscaper (also very good, despite having to deal with snow in March!) and delivered the garden to a very high standard. Post completion care has been very good also. We have ended up with a superb outdoor space which has given us much pleasure over the last six months, both after work and during weekends, with delightful surprises (ooh, grapes!) and it completely fulfilling our brief. It was also delivered within our original budget. We would conclude that we found Nina Baxter Garden Design to be professional, talented, diligent and completely co-operative throughout the whole process, and in the event we ever move, would not hesitate in appointing them again.”


“Nina designed a great garden for us this summer. She managed to turn our very dull garden into a place we love to spend time in, now and for many years to come. I can echo what others have said about her, really understood the general specifications we had and gave us an imaginative and workable design. I would also add that on a practical level she fully met our expectations – great at communicating timescale expectations, timely with her design, made turning the design into a reality through the landscape teams efforts, seem very easy. I would and have recommended her to friends who have admired the garden.”


“I love gardening but Nina designed a beautiful garden which I could never have envisaged myself. It includes all the elements which I and the rest of the family wished for as well as adding some extra bits which have worked so well with our children, including a willow wigwam.

Our garden had poor drainage being on heavy clay but this was improved and then the attention to detail with the planting which followed was awesome. The garden was completed in March 2018 when we had snow on the ground after a particularly brutal winter and only a handful of plants were lost which was amazing. I have a veggie patch to play in as well as showcase perennials and I love it all. Its a joy to see it all emerging for the second year and thriving.”


“Nina designed a beautiful garden for our family, she is a great person to work with as she listens to your ideas and really takes them on board. The planting schemes she put in place are beautiful and have only improved with time – highly recommend.”


“Nina has been so creative and positive to work with over the last two years. She created a beautiful garden design for us. Nina was professional and inspiring during the consultation process and the discussion and finalising the design. The finished garden is truly lovely.”