Contemporary Family Garden, Chislehurst

The Design Brief

A clean and contemporary design to allow the space to flow smoothly from the new kitchen/living room extension, to feature a cascading water feature down the slope of the garden and the removal of a large pond to create more room for entertaining.

The Challenge

A steeply sloping site, surrounded by heavy mature planting that blocks out the light, the main feature of which is a dated-looking pond which takes up most of the existing useable space. 

The Design Solution

The pond area is filled in to create an upper, decked terrace using Ipe hardwood. Water flows through a letterbox opening along a steel rill and then down into a pool on the lower terrace. Clean, rendered, retaining walls throw light into the space while a lower dining area is delineated by an Ipe deck cut into the stone paving. Cool, lush planting surrounds the terraces.

Garden built by Elitescapes.