Courtyard Garden, Sundridge Park, Bromley

The Design Brief

The client wanted to create a tranquil. grown-up and restful space that was easy to maintain, as teaching piano from home, she needed the views from her teaching space to remain consistently smart without a lot of tidying up each day. 

The Challenge

The space is wider than it is long so the view was dominated by an unattractive back-fence and had a considerable slope up to the tired lawn. The condition of the soil had deteriorated over the years so none of the existing planting looked healthy enough to distract the eye from the old-fashioned shed and its crumbling concrete base.

The Design Solution

The core solution was to build additional levels into the garden to create a journey around the space, despite its small size.  A sunken area with decorative tiling gives a sense of seclusion whilst the pergola and swing seat create height and drama, balanced by a gentle water feature to create a focal point and aid relaxation. Light neutral colours on all painted surfaces fill the garden and house interior with light, and this is contrasted with a zingy palette of orange, yellow and purple planting, all in raised planters for easy maintenance to create a sense of privacy and seclusion whilst also offering ‘perched’ seating.  

Garden built by Beauview Landscapes.